Thursday, April 22, 2010

Promises, promises

I know I've said this before, and I'll probably say  it a hundred more times, but I really need to be better about updating. My intention was, and still is, to post something almost every day (maybe 5-6 days out of 7), but I can't seem to keep up with it. Maybe because I just don't feel like the mundane happenings in my life are worth reading about.. Maybe because I'm just lazy.

Anyways, for lack of a seller to feature, and lack of a how-to to post, this week will have neither. Honestly, I meant to post how-to's to keep me learning new things to craft and cook, but instead I've just been posting things that I've known how to make for a long time. And unfortunately, I only really feel comfortable featuring sellers that I know or have bought something from personally, and I'm running out of past purchases faster than I expected.

I still intend to blog about those more meaningful topics that I posted here, but with the baby getting bigger, some weird recurrance of morning sickness, and all the exhaustion that comes with it, I've been slacking. No worries though, posts are coming.

(speaking of, I think i'm going to end this one here, and start a new one about some of the stuff that's happened this week)


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