Thursday, April 15, 2010

Featured Seller Tuesday! (Late Edition)

I tend to wear many hats (haha, punny!). Aside from being a hippy-feminist-mother, i'm also a rennie, a costume designer, a makeup artist, a dancer, etc... etc... Today's featured seller is a fellow rennie who is also a wearer (and maker!) of many many hats! Seamstress of Avalon is an Etsy seller whose shop features her amazing, might I say fantastikal, hat creations. I have never had the occassion (or spare funds) to purchase one of her products, but I would strongly encourage anyone with a special event coming up, or just a desire to get an awesome hair clip or  hat, to check out her products. Here are a few of my favorites:

This is her Clarisse hair fastener which includes peacock and ostrich feathers.

This is her Veronica Flirty Peacock Feather 40's Fastener

This is her Shelby - Velvet Gardenia Bridal Fascinator

  And last but not least, this is her Elizabeta - Vintage-Inspired Ostrich and Velvet Headband Fascinator 

She's a local Chicago seamstress who is FANTASTIC and super talented. And, as you can probably tell from This wedding picture:
I have a certain love for oversized-flower hair clips instead of traditional veils for weddings :-D

Happy Shopping!

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