Monday, April 05, 2010

Pregnancy Update, Quiz Style

How far along?: 30 or 31 weeks depending on how you're measuring.

Total weight gain: 38 pounds!! i couldn't be happier!

Maternity clothes: kind of.. I'm usually wearing mostly maternity clothes with a couple things that aren't and just happen to fit. Right now, the non-maternity item would be an awesome pair of Thai Fisherman Pants that I bought on Etsy and got in the mail today ^.^ I'll post pictures when I have a working camera again.

Sleep: not much. Acid Reflux, achiness, and the inability to roll over make a full night of sleep near impossible.

Best moment of the week: Earlier today I found out that the baby flipped! She's not breech any more!!

Movement: Lots. Before yesterday she had actually managed to bruise some organs, but now that she's flipped she has a whole new set of squishies to kick >.<

Gender Sex: Female

Food cravings:  Fruit (seems to be a different fruit every day)

Labor signs: Nothing real yet, but I've had a few Braxton Hicks that were especially bad, one of which was because I almost got in a car accident (there was a drunk driver going diagonally through a crowded parking lot, screeching breaks on my part were the only thing that saved the cars)

Bell button in or out: It's pretty far out! not as far as it could go yet though.

What I miss most: Sleep. No question. I used to be a 10+ hours a night type of person, sleep was my favorite thing to do, and now I'm lucky if I can manage 6.

What I'm looking forward to: Feeling like a normal person again. I'm tired of being treated and having to treat myself like I'm disabled. Between back aches, sore hips, aching joints, i've never felt so old!

Quiz stolen from Brit and Her Crew 

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