Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Featured Seller Tuesday!

I promised in my last post to put up some pictures of the new pants that I got from Etsy seller  The Seventh Rabbit, so why not do a whole featured seller post?!?

Seeing as I dislike buying clothes (nothing usually fits, and it just doesn't seem like the best use of money), especially now that whatever I buy will only be wearable for a couple months, I've been on the lookout for clothing that is highly adjustable or is draped well enough that it can be worn outside of pregnancy. This includes drawstring pants, awesome cotton dresses, and open front sweaters. My newest find: Thai Fisherman Pants!

The pants that I ordered are super easy to wear and have an amazing print! PLUS the seller even included a free bracelet with the purchase (I love little add-ons that really make me feel like the person appreciated the sale)
They're actually even better looking in person, not that the pictures I took really do them justice (WOW my belly is HUGE!)

The waist is huge, and then folds in the front and ties. They're all one-size, but my husband ordered a pair for himself from a different Etsy seller, Adisorn. I think he loves his even more than I love mine!
And, just to show you how easy they are to put on, here's a video from youtube!

It's a little tougher on a preggo belly, I just have to remember to tie it below the buldge, and then pull the back up over my bum.

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