Sunday, January 29, 2012

It has been forever and a half since I've blogged on here, and although I'm pretty sure that no one reads this, I feel like typing :)

I've been reading some great blogs lately, namely The Bloggess and Manic Mrs. Stone. The blogs aren't new, but I'm new to reading them. They've convinced me that to have a great blog you need to either be hilarious or have amazing pictures and fantastic insights. I have none of this. I'm not particularly funny (except maybe in physicality), I don't even own a working camera, and I'm not all that insightful. I talk about mundane things from my life and I'm too scared to link friends to my blog for fear of what they might think.

Really, I'm lame. Typing this has just reinforced the fact that I'm lame. I'm going to stop now...