Thursday, April 08, 2010

How-To Thursday: Veggie-Hummus Pita

This is an awesome pita sandwich that I've been making for my hubby to take to work. It's super easy, and just takes about 15 minutes of prep time with all the chopping and stirring. When I make it, I pretty much guestimate the amounts of veggies and hummus depending on what he likes, so the amounts here are open to interpretation. It would also be great with some bell pepper or other fresh veggies depending on what is in season. J even likes a little bit of Italian dressing on his sandwiches depending on his mood.

3.5 oz hummus (I usually combine about half garlic and half plain hummus)
1/3 of a tomato
1/4 of a cucumber
1 carrot
Spinach or other green leafy veggie
2 pocket pitas

Chop tomato and cucumber into small pieces (about 1cm cubes). Use peeler or grater to shred carrot, cut smaller if using a peeler. Combine cut veggies with hummus in a bowl or container, stirring until well blended. Scoop into pita pockets, amount will vary depending on size of pita. Add spinach to the inside of the pita. Wrap with wax paper, foil, or plastic wrap until ready to eat.

This is a variation of a recipe that I found in The Vegetarian Mother's Cookbook, by Cathe Olson

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