Thursday, April 08, 2010

A Glimpse Into My Life

Today, like most days, was incredibly boring. J went to work for 7+ hours today (much better than the 13+ yesterday), which meant that I was stuck at home without a car. I spent most of the day reading blogs written by other parents and being enraged by the C Section rate, the inability for women to access VBAC's, and the lack of support for breast feeding. Otherwise, I made myself a great lunch; Alfredo pasta with sauteed carrots and spinach. The food was glorious and left me with a fantastic food baby sitting on top of my real baby :-)

Anyways, other than that I took some time to finish a nursing pillow cover that I had started yesterday:
One side is awesome soft green fuzzy fabric
And the second is a soft flannel print
Here's a closeup of the awesome gender-neutral print! I think it's adorable. I have a soft spot for awkward animals.

I should have taken a picture of my delicious and awesome lunch, but I was too busy EATING IT! :-9


  1. The pillow cover looks great. The boppy is probably the best thing ever made for newborns. I never realized I would use it so much and for so long. I found myself sleeping with it on the couch through out the day lol. Thanks for your comment on family...I meant to write you sooner. Take care don't get to bored at home : )

  2. In response to your comment--that was one of the few times that we actually had a positive experience. Sean and I get age-related drama ALL THE TIME. It happened the whole time I was pregnant, and it happens now. I cannot step outside with Jasper barefoot, regardless of the temperature, without at least 5 other mothers commenting on how he doesn't have socks or shoes on, and then giving me a *look*. People find very not-so-subtle ways to imply that you are too young to have a child, because they think we are much, much younger than we are.

    So, we roll with it. Haters have too much time on their hands!