Saturday, March 19, 2011

I am a Dreamer

That's right, I'm a dreamer. A big-time, lots of life goals, most of them unattainable, dreamer. I research and plan and even build mock-ups in my Sims 2 Double Delux video game.

I have an entire tea cafe built and operating in my head. I know where I would source the tea from, how I would decorate the walls, and even have some ideas about location (though more research would definitely be necessary in that department). It would be a bit of Teavana, plus some Dollop Coffee. All tea would be brewed loose leave in cast iron pots, but the environment would be part asian influence and part local coffee shop vibe.

In my dreams (literally, while I'm sleeping) I'm living on an alpaca farm with River. We're living in a tiny little farm house with a huge barn and lots of bright sunny land. She's about 3, running around in huge rubber rain boots and hugging the fluffy alpacas. When I was in labor with River, my imaginary farm was my happy place.

This is an Alpaca. They are made of Awesome.

In case you were wondering if people actually built houses on flatbed trailers, here's a picture of one! Seriously made of Awesome!

I'm seriously planning a solar-powered trailer home to live in full-time. I'm not sure if it'll be a house built onto a trailer bed or a gutted and refurnished trailer (like one of those giant silver Twinkies). Everything would be in miniature, very compact, and every space would be used. I'd get rid of most of our posessions and live on the bare minimum. Our home would be wherever we parked, and if we got bored, we'd move.

Here's an example of a yurt. It's made of awesome too.

Other than these, I've also daydreamed about living in a hand-built yurt in the woods, living in a hobbit hole, moving to other countries or at least across this one, owning different businesses, or living off the grid completely.

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Right now, having all these dreams is both a good and bad thing. It's good that I have somewhere to go in my head when things are getting too stressful, it's good that I have interests and goals in life and that they're varied and constantly evolving. But it's disheartening that everything seems to hinge on money. There are so many things I'd jump at the ability to do, but can't because of the lack of funds. Even building my own home on wheels would take a way more money that I have or have access to.

Being a suddenly single mom, with no job, no reliable income, and currently basically 'squatting' at my parents' house is pretty depressing when I stop to think about it. But I'll continue to dream :-)

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  1. dreaming is good. We've talked about living off the grid, but the reality is we can just about meet th rent payments, so . . .. maybe not for a while.

    Our ideal was a giant teapot house with a front door on the spout to slide down on a cushion (ClipperySlip meets the Big Yellow Teapot) and, like the big yellow teapot, we would have a revolving breakfastroom in the lid, which is run by windpower alone. And flyingfox to the shops with a motorised pulley system back up. A vege garden of course. Piggies and self composting loo. And of course, a sauna, with a spa pool on the top amongst the treetops. And chooks and 2 dogs. And of course, broadband (thats the bit that makes me think I could never live in a yurt).

    Yeah dreamings ok. I always say its better to know what you want, thats half the creating done. Just detaching from the timescale thing, the nownowNOW mentality that I seem to have - thats the tricky bit