Saturday, March 26, 2011

Geek and Gamer Girl

This song has been something of an anthem of mine lately. I'm a proud geeky gamer girl, and tonight I'm going to play D&D with my new group. They play twice a month, and one of the other member is a fellow La Leche League mom, so they're really awesome about me having River. It's nice, since the divorce has left me with River constantly and no extra funds for babysitters or anything.

The group also does a podcast before beginning to play, and it can be seen here: Lords of Tyr. Gaming should be starting some time between 6 and 7

I've resurrected an old character of mine that I never really got to see to fruition for this group. The simplest description I've come up with for her is that she's the closes an elf can get to a tree. She has bark armor, greenish dreadlocked hair, and uses a longbow.

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