Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rummage/Estate/Garage/Thrift Sale Finds

   Yesterday, after dropping the hubby at work for his 12 hour day, I decided to hit some rummage/estate/garage/thrift sales to find either baby things or things to resell on I ended up with a few good finds, some junk, and a nice pile of baby clothes. Here are some of my finds:

Turns out the tin isn't as old as I thought, but it's actually still full of tea. Even though it's not old, I got a great deal and it's an interesting find. Oh, and my kitty decided to make a guest appearance. He was very interested in playing on the fabric I had laid on the ground. Here's a better picture of the tin:

Another tea tin that I snagged.. this one actually IS old! I can't decide if I should offer it on its own or should use it as creative packaging for a feltie...

Another tin that I found, this one I should have taken some extra time to look at.. it's a reproduction of an older tin, but the reproduction was mass-produced and sold as some kitschy thing.. still, it'll make great creative packaging for a feltie!

This is an AWESOME vintage wood purse. The art on it dates from the 50's and although the lacquer is a little cracked in places, it's still in great condition.

A small pin that I found, really unique, and seems to be the best kept example of it that I can find online (a lot of the same pins I found auctioned well even though they were tarnished and had broken clasps!). Not to mention that I think the Etsy crowd will love this!

Last but not least, this is just a small clip thing that I found.. it appears to be old, but there's no stamp or any other way to identify it. I'm planning on re-purposing it in some craft of jewelry project.

    I'm too lazy to take pictures of the pile of baby clothes right now, or the tea cup and tea pot set that I got for myself..

    My intention is to build up some stock of little stuffed felt animals (felties), other crafts, and vintage items before officially opening my store. Unfortunately I keep deciding that I like all the felties I've made too much to sell them, so I need to make more!

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