Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Featured Seller Tuesday!

     Back in the early stages of my pregnancy, when I knew I shouldn't buy things for the baby yet but I just couldn't resist, I ran across a review of EcoAyris on OffbeatMama.com (which is one of my FAVORITE websites!). It's important to note that I have a little bit of a love for sign language. I was taught it at a young age when my aunt was teaching a special ed class at a public school district that horrendously put their deaf students in with their other special education students. In college I tried to take sign language as my language credit, but was denied because 'there is not cultural component to sign language'. For one class in college I wrote a paper on the intersectionality of disability and sexual abuse, concentrating on deaf populations. Now I have plans, should I ever decide to have another child, to adopt a deaf child. Deaf children are more likely to be put up for adoption and to flounder in the foster system than other children, they are also more likely to suffer abuse and neglect. They are also often misrepresented as being mentally handicapped instead of just physically.
     Anyways, EcoAyris had an amazing untreated wooden teether of a hand making the commonly misinterpreted 'i love you' sign. This is the hand sign that Obama was doing in those horrible Obama-is-a-satanist emails:
So, what better than to get my child a teether that really says 'i love you' but is commonly misunderstood as being a satanist symbol!
I got the teether quickly and it's GREAT! I was a little hesitant to get a wooden teether, but it's incredibly smooth and is safer than plastic teethers that have harsh chemicals and can be destroyed by baby teeth over time. Other online reviews of the product (by people who already have children) say that the teether holds up to wear and abuse better than any other product they've had, and that they can see them quickly turning into items to be passed down to future children. It also feels great to buy products from a family who hand makes everything!!
   So, in november, only a couple months into my pregnancy, I purchased this AWESOME teether! I'll have to post a little more about it (and maybe a picture) when the baby's here and actually using it.

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