Monday, May 24, 2010

BHaG article update

VICTORY! BHaG apologist for their article where they condemned breastfeeding in restaurants and deleted that section from the article! All the negative feedback that BHaG received after the article was published really made a difference! We need to keep working to make sure that breastfeeding mothers are comfortable no matter where they go.

Here's the apology in their own words:
Editor's note: We apologize for the patently inappropriate sections, which we have removed from the post. We support breastfeeding moms -- and all moms -- in their desire to include their children in their public lives. We pledge to do better in the future in both the tone and content of our posts. We will be posting our positive parenting tips for eating out soon.

and here is a link to the new article and the apology:
The 9 Commandments Of Dining With Little Kids


  1. It's SO GOOD to see change happen right here, in front of us, isn't it??

    I mean, it sucks those 'old ways' are still prevalent enough to make them publish that in the first place, but I'm really pleased as punch to see that the social outcry is enough that they would change the article in a DAY and apologize, as well as offering some new articles to cater to the parents they offended!

    So much of my life I work for change that I won't see in my lifetime, or at best I can hope to see with my kids, but this is a very refreshing feeling, and I do hope to have it more often!

    We do count, and we were counted, and we rock! YEAH!

  2. Thank you so much for updating your post to reflect our apology. We are so sorry to offend you and your readers. You're right--the post was inappropriate in its entirety and should not have been published.

    Please see our official apology here:


    Joanna Linberg
    Assistant Editor
    Better Homes and Gardens