Sunday, February 05, 2012

TV Rules?

I'll admit it; our TV rules have a lot of "if"s in them.

The rule is: River gets to watch one episode of Sesame Street or two episodes of Play With Me Sesame per day. Usually she chooses to watch her time first thing in the morning, but when we have a busy day she's watch them on my computer before we go to sleep.

However, this isn't always how it works. Some examples of my exceptions to the rule include:
  • When I need to get shit done and I just need River distracted
  • When either of us are sick
  • When something horrible has happened, and it's my fault, and I feel bad enough that I need to make it up to her
  • When I really need to read something and there's no way that I can do it an entertain my daughter at the same time
  • When I'm just feeling like a horrible, lazy parent

River is going to have a hard time learning rules......

Also: One of River's favorite words is Elmo. She's also been saying Zoe, Cookie Monster, Grover, and (Big) Bird. Now whenever she eats something, she's usually calling herself the (pasta/cookie/yogurt/whatever) monster. It usually comes out sounding like "Pata Monta." Yes, it's adorable, but it also shows how she's been branded!

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