Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Facebook Frustration

I'm frustrated. I'm so frustrated, I'm finding it hard to think. I tried giving this a couple days before talking about it, but it doesn't seem to be helping.

I'm a pretty opinionated person. That said, I take pride in researching and formulating coherent, rational arguments. Unfortunately, I also expect other people to do the same, and get quite frustrated when they fail to do so.

Recently an acquaintance has begun telling me about how she thinks public breastfeeding is 'disgusting'. I believe quite the opposite and will readily breastfeed in public whenever my baby is hungry without a second thought. She told me that she bottle feeds when in public and that people who insist on breastfeeding should put a blanket over them.

Now, I know how I can get when people say things that are both against medical studies (using formula depletes breast milk supply) and are formulated on personal opinions but are not presented that way (like saying that something is disgusting instead of saying that they think it's disgusting). In an effort to curb my quickly growing fury, I put a stop to the conversation. Still, I find that I'm incredibly upset by this.

I deal well with random people's disdain for public breastfeeding. I even deal well with the discomfort some family members have with it. But for some reason, this acquaintance really threw me off. Usually I'm outspoken in support and quick to write off someone who persists in disagreement.

My breastfeeding manifesto-of-sorts is coming up soon.


  1. How frustrating! I can be pretty shy so I may cover up most of the time, but I would never think my decisions should matter one bit as far as what someone else does. I suggest she read the Nipplephobia chapter in Ina May's Guide to Breastfeeding.

  2. I would like to emphasize that if someone is uncomfortable with breastfeeding their own child in public, they do not need to do it. That said, someone else's discomfort is not my problem.

  3. My absolute favorite thing about Facebook is the ability to hide someone, and if they continue to bother me there is an amazing option to terminate online friendship. And if they can't take the hint (and some people can not) the block button is pretty effective.

    In other, not so kind words. Tell her to fuck off. As a woman you have a right to do what you want with your body, without other people judging you. If some one can not respect that it is harassment and should not be stood for.